Final Cut Links

CGM Online — a cool source of plug-ins and tutorials for FCP. The links takes you to their “Tips” and Tutorials page.

Digital Heaven (source for FCP Podcasts, Plug-ins and more)

Digital Media Net — Final Cut Pro articles

Final Cut User — A great, detailed incisive blog about all things valuable to FCP users.

Genius DV – Some really great tutorials on using FCP and Avid.

How To Prep A FCP Sequence For Finishing – an article from

Ken Stone’s Final Cut Pro Tips

Los Angeles Final Cut Pro Users Group — This is one of the largest, and perhaps one of the best known, Final Cut Pro user groups on the planet. They have an incredible web site which has tutorials, web broadcasts of their twice annual Supermeets (with great speeches from top practitioners in the field).

LAFCPUG FAQ Wiki — This deserves an entry all of its own. This FAQ Wiki is compiled by Ben King and Jude Cotter, and is the start of something really cool – a central repository of all FCP knowledge, spearheaded by the FCP geeks at the LA FInal Cut Pro Users Group.

Larry Jordan — a Final Cut Pro wiz. This site has reviews, tutorials, tips and tricks, and much much more.

Moviola Digital’s Avid Tips Page – Moviola Digital is one of the largest equipment rental houses and equipment education sites in Los Angeles.

RED Workflow — A page from the Camera site, that talks about both Avid and FCP workflow for the files generated by this awesome 4K camera.

RED Workflow with FCP — from the good folks at Studio Daily

Scott Simmon’s FCP Tips

Shane Ross’ “The Ultimate Real-World FCP FAQ, (Part 1) — There is also a second one, with more coming.

Solving FCP’s Failings – A nice article from the International Film School of Sydney, which talks about add-ons to FCP that address some of the missing pieces — such as a full uninstall, and a better preference manager.

Spherico’s XML Tools — A list of tools that utilize Final Cut’s XML features. According to the site: “They all are big time savers, or allow you to get access to data of your FCP project that normally are hard to get or to change.”

Studio Daily tutorial on creating animated 2-D and 3-D titles in Motion

One response

18 02 2013

i just started using fcpx and had no idea what kind of nightmare i was in for in terms of post produciton workflow for sound editing.

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