Interview with Dan Lebenthal

4 06 2008

Larry Jordan, over at, posts the first in a promised three part interview with editor Dan Lebental (IRON MAN) and it’s a really good one. There’s some chat about editing such a massive film as IRON MAN.

Like many VFX-heavy shows, Dan started his work months before shooting began (he was on five months early) and worked with the animatics and other early temp FX to help shape the show.  As Dan says “I think, from the studio’s point of view, it makes economic sense to get it right early.”

Larry, by the way, is not the Larry Jordan who is associated with LAFCPUG, has done all of those books and articles, edits the online Final Cut magazine EDIT WELL, and co-hosts the Digital Production Buzz podcast.

It’s confusing having two people with the same exact name, but that they’re both in the editing world!! Yeesh, it’s more than my poor mind can handle.



One response

4 06 2008
Larry Jordan

Actually, it’s more confusing than that.

Michael Horton, Ken Stone, Noah Kadner and all the guys who started LAFCPUG were direct descendants of the FCP site I started in 2000. This mind you was before WordPress, Blogger or Typepad. I spent many an all nighter trying to figure out that hand coding.

Thanks for the mention Norman.

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