What Being An Assistant Really Means

28 05 2008

Tim Leavitt, over at the ever valuable blog View From The Cutting Room Floor, has a great definition of what an assistant editor’s job is on a blog post:

“Anything that goes into or comes out of the Avid is my responsibility: digitizing footage; importing graphics; making tapes, DVD’s, and EDL’s; etc. I am also responsible for helping the editor locate or organize any of the material already in the Avid to make his or her job easier.”

He then goes on to say that organization is what makes this all possible and goes on, in a three-part blog entry (part one is over here, part two is over here, and part three is over here).

Among students who want to be editors (and filmmakers who want to be editors) it is often too easy to ignore just how easy it is to get caught up in red tape if you’re not organized. Yet, that aspect of film editing is often dismissed as non-creative and not worth studying. Take it from Tim — it’s worth its weight in trim bins (hmmmm, old joke there; let me know if it’s too ancient-film for you).

Thanks to Tim for codifying this all.




3 responses

28 05 2008

I may never have used actual trim bins, but I’ve read about them in your book! 🙂 Thanks again for singling out my blog. Glad to know you find it worth reading.

30 05 2008

A solid assist is worth their weight in gold. When I assisted I did my best to make sure that the editor only had to worry about the story and everything else (bringing in new assets, doing outputs, trouble shooting, etc.,.) happened as transparently as possible. I must admit as well that I did enjoy the power, if you will, of being a “gatekeeper” to everything that went in to and came out of the NLEs and the camaraderie of being part of a solid AE team.


3 09 2008
Organization and the Role of an Assistant Editor at FreshDV

[…] the always informative Norman Hollyn I came across an excellent three-part series of posts on how to be an editor’s assistant. The […]

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