New Editor Demos

22 05 2008

Harry Miller, who I’ve mentioned in the past for creating two fantastic Avid tutorials on sound, has been assembling more tutorials on his Editor Demos site. As of now, he has uploaded demos that describe the following (click the buttons to play the demo right from his site) [And I should mention that I’ve simply copied the HTML right from Harry’s site to create the rest of this entry. That way I got to keep his cool buttons!!]:

Using the Timewarp plugin.

VFX: Animatte
How to create a new shot, or to fix a problem area

Working with AudioSuite plug-ins in Media Composer. (Flash video)

Audio Tools in the Media Composer
How to balance audio in a Media Composer sequence, using the Audio Mixer with sliders, Auto Mode, and linking channels. (Flash video).

Export from Avid
This slide presentation will illustrate how to export a sequence from an Avid in order to burn a viewable DVD or compress a Quicktime movie. (Slide presentation)




2 responses

24 05 2008
Leo Mahoney

What a little gold mine this site is! Thanks Nick for forwarding it to me.

3 06 2008

This will really help me a lot in my audio projects.

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