Stabs At New Distribution

8 04 2008

Arin Crumley, who has created (with a few others) From Here To Awesome, has a video out which talks about what is wrong with the present distribution models. This video, which is available here from Arin’s site or on YouTube, uses panels from the last Sundance Film Festival to prove the point about why film festivals just don’t work.

Only about 2% of the film’s getting made get into the festivals.

Then he discusses what the distribution deals are like — how they take worldwide rights for 22 years and promise nothing in return.

His solution is From Here To Awesome, an alternative distribution site, in which people can post their own films and raise awareness for them. While many of the film clips on this site are, frankly, not very watchable (translation — not my type of filmmaking), it’s a start in the quest to figure out just what the hell the democratization of media production is doing to the realities of marketing and distribution.

[Thanks to Adam Martin over at The Interactor, for cluing me into Arin’s video.]



2 responses

9 04 2008
Arin Crumley

Hey there,
Thanks for spreading the word about FHTA. THe plan is to eventually customize your experience so that the films that are your cup of tea are sitting there waiting for you to check them out and bookmark them for future consumption on the platform that makes the most sense for you at the moment and then to collect what you thought of the film afterwards. Thats the “Awesome” but there “here” is simply the showcase we are doing this summer of the top 10. We just changed the site around since you’ve posted this and I’d love you to come in and check it out some more. We have a team of volunteer open source programmers making it all happen and we’d all love to hear feedback about the site.
Thanks a bunch!

9 04 2008

A next step for the site would be a “If You Like THIS Film, Then You’d Like” function, to help people find films they wouldn’t normally find. I know that’s not easy — a partner and I in an Internet company are looking to do something similar and it’s all about easy tagging — but I think that you’ll quickly get mired in the Way Too Much syndrome.

Glad to hear that the site is growing. I’m super behind efforts like this. Keep it up. Keep being Awesome.

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