Top 10 Avid Tricks and More

26 02 2008

Scott Simmons, in his usually informative blog THE EDITBLOG, has an especially useful posting today entitled “Top 10 Avid Media Composer Tips“. He describes each one in valuable detail, along with some really useful screen shots.

For those of you who can’t wait, here are his tips. For the details, you’ll have to go to the blog itself (I wouldn’t want to give it all away Scott!).

  1. Colors (both in bins and in the timeline)
  2. Colored locators
  3. ScriptSync
  4. Toggle Source/Record in the Timeline
  5. Center Duration
  6. Avid Calculator
  7. Option + C
  8. Media Tool
  9. Sync Point Editing
  10. Trim Mode

While most Avid editors will know most of these tips, I have to say that I always forget one or two of them. I never remember the Avid Calculator, for instance. And while I have the Center Duration in my User Settings, I never remember Option+C.

Check out the posting, if you edit on Avid. If you don’t, check out the entry on Trim Mode.

In a related posting, Tim Leavitt (owner of the new blog “View From The Cutting Room Floor”, a blog from a working assistant editor) posted a list of a few of his keyboard shortcuts.  Well worth the trip.




2 responses

26 02 2008

Thanks for the link Norman. I try to give some Avid love over on the Editblog …. I do find it fascinating how the online world has exploded with the blogs, tips and tutorials geared toward Final Cut Pro. I guess the old Avid guard already knows all there is to know? I’ve been using it for a long time and I can still learn something new every day!

26 02 2008

Thanks for the shout-out, Norman! Love your blog – keep up the good work.

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