Apple Follows Avid’s Lead

7 02 2008

Whoa. Hell has frozen over.

Back in November, I gave Avid a ton of crap about not exhibiting at the 2008 NAB. (NAB is the National Association of Broadcasters ) I thought that it was sending the wrong message to users but, even more importantly, it was taking away from their ability to attract new users to the fold.

Subsequently I had some conversations with some people at Avid who, somewhat convincingly sorta, explained to me just how much money it takes to mount one of those shows and how little money they get back from it. It was a pissing match that they didn’t want to get into. However, I still felt that it sent a bad message.

I began to waver a bit more when I saw just how CES has changed. Almost no new announcements of worth came out of that show and it started to look like the year-round ubiquity of the Internet news and gossip had made product announcements difficult at that show.

Now, Macenstein reports that Apple has decided not to exhibit at the 2008 conference as well.

Given Apple’s huge push in recent years into the film/video/animation industry, this move is fairly major news. While this does not necessarily mean Apple will not conduct user groups or smaller hands-on events (although that quote does not sound promising), “scaling back” their presence at NAB is almost up there with “scaling back” their presence at Macworld.

They go on to report that a spokesman for NAB claimed that they were “talking about some on-site business opportunities with Apple.” This is just one step up from Avid’s decision to have some Las Vegas presence to work with their “customer base.”

The real news story here is what this says about trade shows. I wonder if any other companies have decided not to invest the cash in these large shows.




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