New iPhone memory models. D’oh

5 02 2008

Apple introduced today some new iPhone and iPodTouch models which doubles the amount of memory inside the devices at a cost of $100 more.

The revolutionary iPhone now comes in a new 16GB model for $499, joining the 8GB model for $399. iPod touch now comes in a 32GB model for $499, joining the 16GB model for $399 and the 8GB model for $299.

Let’s put it this way — you can get 8Gb of memory for $100, or you can get 16Gb for $100. Hmmm, let me think.

But, perhaps, the genius comment of all times comes from their iPod marketing guy:

“For some users, there’s never enough memory,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide iPod and iPhone Product Marketing. “Now people can enjoy even more of their music, photos and videos on the most revolutionary mobile phone and best Wi-Fi mobile device in the world.”

“Never enough memory.”

Can I quote Homer Simpson? D’OH!!

Well, here’s how I look at it. There has been a lot of talk, some of it fueled by Apple, the iPhone is the next wave of computing — super portable computing. Apple is releasing their own SDK (software development kit) and managing an application approval process, starting this month.

OS X is now on a phone!!!

The only problem is that there isn’t enough memory on the thing to load up all of the applications that I need. If I’m going to want to move much of my computing over to the iPhone, then I’m going to want to able to do word processing, spreadsheets, presentations (pretty much the entire iWork suite) along with the obvious music and video stuff.  I don’t always need to have them all open at once (though we’ve been trained to expect that on our laptops and desktops), but I need them on my hard drive.

So, I need all of those apps and a reliable phone.

How can I possibly do that, and remain sane, if there’s only 16Gb — max — of drive space in the damned thing. I can’t figure out how to trim the fat off of my big ol’ hard drive by that much. I need too much.

In fact, aside from the mismatch in memory prices between the iPhone and the Touch, thinking that 16Gb is going to be enough for the iPhone user to do work and play with is just plain “stick-your-head-in-the-sand” crazy (though it may be the “death-by-a-thousand-cuts-capitalism”). Obviously, this is an attempt to freshen up the line without doing very much, since iPhone users from last June would hit the roof if too much was improved in the phone and not made available to them because of hardware issues. But, surely, they know that they’re going to have improve many things in the iPhone in order to have the device be a computer to sit alongside your desktop, even if that is an interim phase before the desktop goes away.




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5 02 2008
David J. Bondevitch, MPSE, CAS

The main reason people want more RAM on their iPhone is that they also use it as their iPod, so they can fit considerably more music (or video).

5 02 2008

Of course, and some day when I can afford one I’ll drop my present early generation iPod off the side of a building.

But my point was really all about what Apple is seeing as the long-term future of those devices. I doubt that they they’ll be satisfied with letting it be a cute little phone for long

6 02 2008

“How can I possibly do that, and remain sane”

Relax, it’s not a desktop, Norman. Apple is not going to make “Final Cut Pro for iPhone”.

6 02 2008
Martin Hill

Norman, you seem to be assuming that iPhone versions of the apps you need “word processing, spreadsheets, presentations (pretty much the entire iWork suite) along with the obvious music and video stuff” will consume as much disk space as the desktop versions of these applications?

I think it’s a bit early to be assuming that considering we haven’t yet seen that level of iPhone apps in the wild and I can’t imagine how they could possibly be of similar size. By their very nature, an iPhone spreadsheet or word proccessor is going to be a cut-down subset of what ou get in the desktop class version.

With a much smaller screen, slower processor, no mouse or keyboard and less disk space and RAM, this isn’t a 1 for 1 replacement for a laptop.

I think you’ll find 16GB to be more than enough for these sorts of apps. As David says, it’s going to be all the video and music that people want on there that will push the limits.


6 02 2008
Thunk Different.

oh well, it sure is better than what you can find in the compeition, now lets get, 3g, tethering, and flash enabled software up in that mofo!

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