Man With A Movie Camera – Part Deux

5 02 2008

Dziga Vertov directed a pretty fascinating film called MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA back in 1929. In it we see a cameraman shooting a day-in-the-life documentary about Russian life. We see the film being edited, we see the film being screened but we don’t see much of the film itself. It’s a very clever approach to documentary work and is really about filmmaking as well as Russia.

Well, there’s a project afoot over at Man With A Movie Camera to recreate the film, shot by shot. The website lists every shot in Vertov’s film. Web site visitors/filmmakers are encouraged to recreate the shots in their own way. It’s fascinating and very creative (the shots aren’t frame by frame copied, of course — that would be Van Sant’s PSYCHO and we don’t want to talk about that).

Check it out.

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