Moving Towards.. Radio

4 02 2008

PimpMyNews is a site that aggregates news and blogs from across the web.  Nothing new about that, is there?

Well, wait.  Sure, it presents a list of news stories which you can read either in summary or in full.  And it also gives you the ability to email a particular story to anyone.  Nothing new about that, is there.

Well, PMN can also read the news to you.  That’s right, there’s a not-too-bad voice which will read any of the summary or full stories to you.  I haven’t explored whether it can stack stories up and read them one after another, or if you need to click on each one, one-by-one.  But that’s sorta new, isn’t it?  I’d imagine that, once you put it on your iPhone, or some other PMP, it’s going to be quite the personal radio station.

PimpMyNews Makes Your Favorite News and Blogs TALK!

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