The Way To Grab Audiences – Web Style

16 01 2008

On this blog, I generally don’t get more than about 150 hits a day.  When I check out the blog stats I find something very funny and I’m going to pass along some advice to you as a result.

Way back in the dark days of 2007, I did a blog posting about the movement away from telephone landlines into cel service.  I called the post “Why It Would Be Good To Own Stock In Mobile Content Companies.”  Every day, the lion’s share of my traffic enters on that site.

And, I assume, goes away in an instant.

The search terms that people are using to find me are led by “cell phones” and “cell phone.”

So, here’s the advice.  If you want to drive traffic to your web site, use those words as often as you can.

I’m joking of course, but there are plenty of businesses who are devoted to manipulating the search engines (an increasingly complex task) to drive traffic to your web site, mostly to Google right now.  There are some established rules that everyone knows — the biggest being that the more people who link to you, the higher your ranking is going to be on the search results.  At the beginning of web search engines, people would overload the invisible headers (or insert tiny little image files) that had tons of winning search times hidden in them.  You’d look at the source code for a web page and see the line “sex sex sex sex sex sex sex” written hundreds of times in the header.

Search engines very quickly caught on and starting inventing more complex algorithms to make the search results more fair.

[This has, recently, started to turn back on itself — with search engine companies using those complex algorithms to make the search results more friendly to the people who pay them for placement.]

Somehow, it all seems too much — gaming the system (no matter who does it) makes for crappier search results and less useful web search experiences.

That’s why I’m thinking of put the terms “cel phone” into my tags about 1000 times.  Let me know how it works out.



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