ACE Editing Panel Videos

11 01 2008

A.C.E. has some interesting videos posted documenting a panel discussion about editing that was held at the LA Film School in early 2007. Panelists included editors Stuart Bass, A.C.E., Tchavdar Georgiev, and Stephen Rivkin, A.C.E. along with assistant editors Andrew Charlton, Meagan Keane, and Alan McCurdy. It was moderated by Harry Miller, A.C.E.

The videos of the panel are divided up into four parts. A breakdown is as follows (each line links to the mentioned video):

Part One is about getting started in the business.

Part Two discusses Collaboration in the Editing Rooms

Part Three discusses Creativity and the Use of Technology

Part Four contains audience Q&A with Career Advice

Worth the time investment, there is a great behind the scenes feel to these clips. Note that there are three assistant editors on this panel, as well as the editors. This is a great balance since, as Harry B. Miller (moderator) says up front — assistants make editing possible.  The assistants end up speaking to some of the issues closest to students’ hearts — how to get a job after school

One side note, two of the panelists were students of mine at USC (Meagan and Tchavdar).




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16 01 2008

Thanks for posting this.

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