Apple’s Board of Director Changes

7 01 2008

Andrea JungAccording to a CNet article, (and I’m going to refrain from talking about CNet’s problems in this article — it would be too much) Apple has named Avon Products CEO Andrea Jung to its Board of Directors. Ms. Jung is fluent in Chinese and has apparently helped Avon in that market.

But while it is tempting to think this is part of Apple’s strategy behind this, there are other interesting points to this appointment. For one, Jung has been on General Electric’s Board of Directors for ten years. For those of us who follow this stuff, remember that GE owns NBC/Universal which, last time I looked, was Apple’s biggest adversary in its attempt to dominate the video distribution business. NBC is the company that pulled most of its shows off of the iTunes store last year.

In addition, Jung has been one of Fortune’s 10 most powerful women in business for “the last several years” according to the piece. She has, they say, “turned around Avon’s fortunes by tacking to the high end and cutting costs.”

“Tacking to the high end” — that sounds like Apple.

For those of you who desperately need to know, here is a list of Apple’s Board of Directors, as listed on their web site:

Bill Campbell
Chairman and former CEO, Intuit Corp.

Millard Drexler
Chairman and CEO, J. Crew

Albert Gore Jr.
Former Vice President of the United States

Steve Jobs
CEO, Apple

Andrea Jung
Chairman and CEO, Avon Products

Arthur D. Levinson, Ph. D.
Chairman and CEO, Genentech

Dr. Eric Schmidt
CEO, Google

Jerry York
Chairman, President and CEO, Harwinton Capital

It looks to me like they desperately needed a woman on the Board as well.




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