Repairing Laptops at the Mac Genius Bar

1 01 2008

Genius BarI’ve had to hit the Genius Bar twice in that last few months, once each for two different computers. Before I went the first time I was warned that they would diagnose my MacBook Pro’s problems as “logic board” (the screen had turned completely wonky). Sure enough, that’s what they said. They then took it in and, five days later, had it repaired. They had not replaced or done anything to the logic board — they replaced the malfunctioning screen and installed a new hard drive.

Last week I brought in my daughter’s G4 Power Book, which wouldn’t boot most of the time. What was their diagnosis? Sure enough, logic board. They’d fix it for over $1000. To test it, they moved the RAM chip into a second, open, slot.

Result, the laptop has run fine ever since and we’re saving ourselves either a $1000 logic board repair, or buying a new laptop.

I can’t say that I’m really impressed by their diagnostic capabilities there.

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One response

2 01 2008

I posted this on another blog and got a response from someone who said that the RAM slots are on the logic board. So they were right.

All I know is that it cost a shitload less money to swamp the RAM into a new slot, than to completly replace the logic board. So I’m right.

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