Sundance Panel — Low-Budget Films with High-Budget Values

28 12 2007

I’m going to be giving a talk at Sundance with Michael Phillips about a film which he and I co-edited (long distance, I might add) last year called JACK IN THE BOX, which should come out in 2008.  Our talk, entitled “Creating A Low-Budget Film with High Production Values” will be given on the first Friday of the festival — January 18th, at 4:30 pm, in the newly redesigned New Frontier On Main space.  Click below for the page in the Sundance catalog which describes that, and a bunch of other, panels that will be given in that space over the course of the festival.

Sundance 2008 Panel Listing




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11 01 2008
I’ll Be At Sundance — Drop Me A Line If You’ll Be There « H o l l y n - w o o d (Norman, that is)

[…] previously mentioned, I’ll be at the Sundance Film Festival this year, doing a workshop on Storytelling and Low Budget Filmmaking With High-Budget Values. I’ll be there from Thursday night, January 17th through Sunday afternoon, January […]

20 12 2008

Who the fuck cares about Sundance? None of these films become blockbusters.

20 12 2008

Well, not exactly the point now, is it?

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