Paris Paris Paris

28 12 2007

Moulin Rouge in ParisI miss Paris. I’m not one of those Americans who think that all French hate Americans (I’ve never ever found that). I don’t think they’re cowards, or that they’re snobby, or that their culture is inferior to ours because they talk funny.

I would move there tomorrow if I could earn a living there. And learn the language better.

So, in the absence of actually travelling to France anytime soon, I will have to live with this article from Focus Feature’s new web site FilmInFocus, in which blogger Kevin Conroy Scott goes to Paris landmarks made famous in two recent films — MOULIN ROUGE and AMELIE and Truffaut’s much earlier 400 BLOWS (he also visits Truffaut’s grave).

This reminds me that there’s a great scene in Julian Schnabel’s extraordinary THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY, where the lead character remembers getting a new car and driving it out of the city. The up angle shots of the city, its cinematography, and the music, all are designed to remind us of 400 BLOWS and other seminal French films of the 60s, like Godard’s BREATHLESS. Not only does the film qualify as one of the best films of 2007 for me, but it also qualifies as a mood piece on cinema history.

And not in a bad French way, either. Okay?



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