Radiohead’s Experiment Goes… Uh… As Expected

6 11 2007

Radiohead albumYep. You people have stepped up to the musical download plate, swung at the first pitch and tapped it for a lazy single.

As reported today in Valleywag, the results of Radiohead’s download experiment are in. You may remember that the “indie” band decided to return to its indie roots, blow off the major labels and offered their latest album for download for whatever you wanted to pay for it.

That’s right. Anywhere from zero to eight billion dollars! Whatever you wanted.

The results — a lot more of us chose zero dollars than eight billion. In fact, 62% of downloaders paid zip, and another 17% paid up to four bucks. Put another way — nearly 80% of all Radiohead fans out there thought that owning their band’s latest effort (and keeping it in your digital library for all time) was worth less than a Big Mac meal. Which, last I checked, lasted about four hours in your system.

In fact, the average of all payments was $8.05, not completely shabby. But the overwhelming impression that I get from this, is that most of us just don’t think that our music is worth that much. Free is best, but when you don’t want to pay nothing, than two bucks would do just fine.

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