Apple Upgrades and Downgrades

28 09 2007

Now that I have my MacBook Pro back, I can tell you what happened.

One day two weeks ago, I started up my new (bought in April) laptop and saw the screen completely tricked out in pink, with wavy lines. It was almost impossible to view for more than ten minutes without my eyes going buggy and the top of my head exploding.

This happened the evening before I was going on a business trip so, needless to say, I was Not Happy.

I brought it into the Mac Store (there’s one five minutes from my house, thank God) and the geniuses at the Genius Bar told me that it was probably the logic board and they’d be happy to take my laptop from me fro 5 to 10 business days to send it out for repair.

Of course, I didn’t do that I took it to Albuquerque and just toughed it out. I had to keep putting the top of my head back on, periodically, but at least I had connectivity.

When I got back, I brought it back into the store and watched them pack it away.

In the meantime, my wife’s ancient iBook went kerfloooey. The Geniuses told her that it was the logic board and would cost $400 to replace. They advised we grab the hard drive out of the puppy and use the rest of the iBook as a giant skipping stone at the park (or a reef, along with the hundreds of other retired iBooks).

We were suffering from logic board nightmares.

We haven’t dealt with her problem yet, but I got mine back yesterday in great shape and much faster than ten business days. Total time without laptop — six days, including Saturday and Sunday. The ticket packed in with the repaired Mac said that they got it in on Monday and fixed it the same day. It was shipped back out and — voila — life is good.

Interestingly, when I read further in the ticket I noticed that there was no mention of a replaced logic board. In fact, they replaced the screen and my hard drive!!

Luckily, I had Super Dupered my content, so it was easy to get it up and running again except for one thing — my PC partition had completely disappeared. And that was where I had my Avid application. So, right now, no Avid. I’ve got FCP back (along with the rest of the suite) but no Avid.

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