New iPods out there and boy am I… curious

5 09 2007

iPod touchOkay, this is more or less what I’ve been waiting for. Sorta.

Since the iPhone came out, I’ve been asking for the same thing in an iPod. Even though I use ATT as a provider, I didn’t particular want an early adopter version. But I did want the large screen for an iPod. Now, I’ve got it.

It’s still got a measly 16Gb of storage (damned flash memory!!), but I assume that will go up closer to the Christmas buying season and I might be tempted to jump in. With 16Gb, and video, I’m not going to get tons of video on the thing. And I’m real interested in getting video podcasts on the thing. Real interested.

I don’t really are about CoverFlow. I’ve never felt compelled to turn it on in iTunes and don’t anticipate finding assets that way on the iPod (though I’m wlling to be proved wrong).

I’ve got a few questions though…

Does it download Podcasts? Right now I can buy songs through the Wi-Fi connection. But will Apple allow me to download things that they don’t get paid for? Come to think of it, there was a lot of talk about song downloads, but none about video downloads. Will I have to get them on iTunes and then sync them to my iPod touch, or can I download anything that I can get at the iTunes store over WiFi?

Can I hook it up to a television if I want to pump it up to a big size? This will sorta be an essential item if I’m going to use it to transport client videos around. Or dailies.

That’s just a few questions I have. But a really interesting part of this is Apple’s deal with Starbucks to allow Wi-Fi access to the iTunes Store from any Starbucks. What is cool is not that, however. It’s that the iPod will know what song is playing in Starbucks at that moment, show it to you, and allow you to buy it. In fact, you can see and buy the last ten songs that were played there. This is amazing. It is the beginning of the holy grail for marketers — geo spatial recognition. Well, it’s not exactly like recognizing that you’re near Ray’s Pizza and then offering you a coupon if you stop in right now. But it’s real close to it.

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