Final Cut Pro makes the news

2 09 2007

There’s a funny piece in studiodaily about a story that ran on CNN last Thursday about two college students who were fired from their jobs at A&P Supermarkets because they posted a video on YouTube. The video showed they peeing and licking fruit that they subsequently put back on the shelves.

Parenthetically, I have to say that I would be glad these two guys were fired (I don’t need to worry about more additives in my food) if it weren’t for the fact that the shots of them peeing and licking looked totally faked to me.  CNN and A&P are assuming that they actually did those things and then actually put them back on the shelves and then actually left them there.  A lot of assumptions if you ask me.

Here’s what studiodaily says about FCP:

The FCP mention came when the CNN host commented on the editing and one of the students said he was a Mass Comm major and used Final Cut Pro.

The video can be seen here.  It’s actually kinda cute with some nice low-budge graphics and a really hilarious shot which is supposed to be a moving camera shot from behind a thrown head of lettuce.

The interesting thing to see is whether their audaciousness in posting the video (as opposed to just creating it and never looking for larger acclaim) will lead to enough publicity and work that they won’t miss their high paying jobs at the A&P.

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