I’m gettin’ outta here

23 08 2007

When I worked with Michael Lehmann on HEATHERS, we used to joke about the absurd tendency of filmmakers to have characters say some variation of “I’m getting out of here.”  Sometimes a character would say “C’mon, let’s get out of here.”  Other times they’d say “I’m going home.”

Why, we wondered, do you need to SAY that, when you’re going to SHOW it?  Seemed like crappy filmmaking to us. It became a game for us to point out these instances in other films and Michael made me promise to never ever let him do it on his films.

I’ve often thought that this is great fodder for a new drinking game though, frankly, I don’t think I’d last very long.  I get drunk after six or seven stiff ones.

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24 08 2007

On the other hand, if someone says “I’ll be right back” as they leave, you know that they definitely won’t be. They are more likely to be killed, delayed for the rest of the course of the film, or sent many years into the past or future by a time machine.

24 08 2007

The other guarantee is that if someone coughs in a film, they will DIE.

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