Editing with Avid AND Final Cut

23 08 2007

A month or so ago, when my laptop got stolen, I mulled over my next step and, after about 2 or 3 seconds, decided to get a MacBook Pro. the new 2.4GHz Intel Core Duo’s had just come out, and I wanted to get a system that I could really edit on without screaming bloody murder.

I have to say that I have been really pleased with my purchase — a 17″ MacBook Pro which my insurance company purchased the lion’s share of (remind me never to end a sentence with a preposition).

It was important to me that I put both Avid and FCP onto the machine so I could work either way, depending on the needs of the projects. I do a lot of re-editing of problem projects and there are some projects that I edit that come to me that have already been started on FCP or Avid — I need to be able to work within their realities, not mine.

The Avid guru at school recommended that I put each of the applications in separate partitions so their various plug-ins and hidden files didn’t conflict with each other. No problem, I thought. I’m already partitioning my disk into PC and Mac, using Bootcamp (I probably should have used Parallels, but I’d heard that it had some issues with video editing). That meant that I’d put FCP on the Mac side, and Avid on the PC side.

FCP went on fine, though it did gobble up a tremendous portion of the hard drive. I just gotta get some of those templates and libraries onto an external soon.

I finally got Avid onto my PC partition today and, once again, it works like a charm. I’m not used to working on a PC environment (how DO you raise the volume on hardware on the Mac using XP?) but that’s just my provincialism, I supposed.

The upshot, and I’ve got much much more testing to do, is that I seem to have a very stable, very happy marriage here. I haven’t tried to exchange data between my PC Avid and Mac Avids yet. When I last did that, on a project last year, the two OSes didn’t play very well together. I couldn’t add media on the Firewire drive, when I was working in the PC environment, and there were some issues on the Mac side as well. I know that this is all about how the external drive was formatted, but I thought we had done well in preparation.

Apparently not.

I’ll be interested to see how the two apps play together. I’m not going to have them both running at the same time, since I’m on Bootcamp, and they aren’t going to share media, of course. And I’m still going to be using external drives for media. But I am going to bang the hell out of my configuration and I’ll keep you posted.

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