How The Big Guys Do it

12 08 2007

For those of you interested in the sometimes arcane, but usually technical details of how a large budget film sets up the hardware in an editing room, there’s an interesting post on the ACE blog about Dan Lebental’s editing room on Jon Favreau’s IRON MAN. You can link directly to the post at “Iron Man Editing with Dan Lebental.”


Interestingly, they use a combination of Avid and Final Cut. They use the Avids for the heavy lifting — to actually edit the film. There are six full-on Adrenalines (with two more on the way when a second editor is hired) and a seventh software only Media Composer which Dan uses for sound effects work. They used another Adrenaline on set to play out dailies with a 2K projector.

They also use Photoshop to print out scene index cards to put up on a wall in the room.

They intend to use FCP for their picture output for sound because, oddly, they can’t get an accurate output that won’t drift in sync. Their hope (which is still in the experimental phase) is to record out of the Avid directly into FCP, which will preserve the HD quality and maintain sync (though it will result in a timeline with no edits in it; though this won’t be a big issue for them, once they have the OMF issues worked out)

For those you who’d like to get your geek on, check out the piece.




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