Le Keyboard Ultimate

6 08 2007

You know how you’re moving back and forth between Final Cut and Avid, and the keyboard shortcuts are different and how you’re always typing the wrong thing because your mind has standardized on one or the other and then you forget that you’ve moved into the other and things just get all wacky and crazy (just like this run-on sentence).

Well, here is the answer to your prayers, from Art. Lebedev Studio. It’s a keyboard, called the Optimus Maximus, possibly the biggest and best April Fool’s Joke around (okay okay, it may not be a joke, but if it isn’t, it should be). It’s a keyboard in which each and every key is actually a tiny little display that shows the key function. Here is picture of it.

Pretty cool. And it better be, at a price of 43,990 rubles. For those of you without handy access to a calculator, that’s $1565. Oh, you’ll have to wait until December 20th to get one.

It makes the Red Camera seem like a real bargain.

Happy April Fool’s Day!!

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