I’m Off To Texas

6 08 2007

Every year, as soon as it gets really obnoxiously hot in the States, the UFVA (University Film and Video Association) has its annual convention in someplace really really hot. This year, it’s in Denton, Texas. So there’s going to be a whole slew of film professors converging on the University of North Texas, and sweating their asses off. The ever inaccurate Yahoo weather promises temperatures up to 100 this week, so I’ll probably get to lose some weight just through sweat along. Luckily, in the night time it ‘s going to go down to the high seventies.

Actually, I really like going to UFVA. As it turns out, there are a whole lot of cool people who like film and who like to teach it. Plus we all get to watch or sit on panels.

This year, I’m sitting on a panel called 10 Things You Need To Know Before Making Your Film, and I’m also leading a Question and Answer session at the Opening Keynote evening. I’ll be interviewing Steven Cohen, editor, teacher and blogger (see Splice Here; no, really, go see it!). Steve and my lives parallel each other in strange and eerie ways. He’s been editing for a gazillion years. So have I (I used to edit by carving images on stone tablets). He’s taught — he did it at the AFI, I’ve done it at UCLA and USC. He was a super early, bleeding-edge adopter of Non Linear Editing technology — bringing the Avid to Hollywood back when people were sweating that they’d never give up their Moviolas, KEMs and butt splicers (about which you can ask, but I won’t tell). I started on Lightworks, Montage, Ediflex and Avid.

So, it’s always fun to sit down and talk to him. We’ll just be doing it in front of a group of people who actually will care about what we say. Should be fun. I’ll keep you posted.

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