Twitter Captures Me

7 04 2007

It’s impossible to explain, even to myself. But I’ve been captured by this insane little program on my Treo called Twitter, one of the few Web 2.0 sites that don’t leave out the “e” at the end of their name.

Let’s see if I can explain it. Basically, after signing up, you can post 140 character text messages from your phone or the web. Anyone who is “following” you can see them, either on their phones or the web. What this means, is that you’re IM’ing across a growing social network.

People are starting to do all kinds of interesting things, and it’s a way that I’ve met some interesting people. Well, not met exactly. More like “stalked.” But I suspect that, unless everyone gets tired by the whole concept, this can explode into a giant social network.

At SxSW people used it to find each other. Other people document their day. I haven’t found the best uses for it yet, but I am somewhat captivated.




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