Where The Hell Am I Anyway?

22 12 2005

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting recently.

Then again, maybe you haven’t noticed.

In any case, this situation is liable to continue for a few more weeks. It’s been relatively crazy with what finishing the semester, my father suffering a stroke, my wife falling and smashing up her knee, and my daughter getting back from college just in time to have four widsom teeth pulled.

It don’t get any more fun than that.

In any case, I’ve continued my record of seeing movies that I dislike that other people then tend to say “Hey, what was wrong with that film anyway?” My usual answer is to scream “What is wrong with YOU??!!”

But then you stumble on a different movie and you feel like it is safe to go back into the theatres. I DID love BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN, but we saw MATADOR last night and we were really happy that we did. It’s no one’s idea of a heavy film, but the story of a nebbishy Greg Kinnear meeting up with master but grungy hitman Pierce Brosnan on a business trip in Mexico starts out with promise and then delivers on it. It’s funny and honest, well-directed (firm hand with the actors and with style) and it rarely takes the easy way out. There were several times when I said to myself “I HOPE that he doesn’t do [fill in the blank].” And then, lo and behold, he DIDN’T [fill in the blank].

Go see it and skip FAMILY STONE.





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