Audio Books and Cars

15 11 2005

Audio Books are the complete shit. Luckily, I never have to drive more than an hour at a time (I know, I know; those of you who live outside of Los Angeles are now thinking that I’ve officially lost my mind), but even at 30 minute distances, the only thing that beats a good mystery on an audiobook is listening to Randi Rhodes rant on Air America (I LOVE her! She’s Rush on Liberal Drugs!!).

Right now, I’m listening to LINCOLN LAWYER (by Michael Connelly). Before this I did something odd for me and went non-fiction — Joan Didion’s YEAR OF MAGICAL THINKING [I totally recommend this book for anyone who has lost someone close to them, or intends to.].

My tastes generally run to easy-to-put-down mysteries. Janet (my wife) likes to listen to serious books as well but I actually like to use my driving time for non-strenous stuff — other than screaming at moronic drivers in the lanes next to me.

Speaking of driving, what is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen someone do in a car? I once saw a guy chomping down on a huge meal, complete with a napkin tucked underneath his chin. Another time I saw a woman get nearly completely dressed in the car next to me. The amazing thing is, is that she went from bra and panties to completely dressed in the space of one red light (okay, it was the light at San Vicente and Wilshire which is famously long, but still…) I’ve heard the expression that people here in LA, live in their cars. I had no idea just how true that wasuntil I moved out here.




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