An Interesting Day (though not an interesting posting title)

27 10 2005

It’s an interesting day today, and that has nothing to do with me leaving for Utah for the HD conference.

Nope. The White Sox won the World Series last night by one run, but still in nine innings. And this morning, Harriet Miers withdrew her name for the nomination as Associate Justice for the Supreme Court.

[The two pictures I’ve chosen to illustrate this posting also raise interesting questions. Does Miers always have that happy deer-in-the-headlights look? And, if so, is that the reason she wrote those puppy-postcards to Bush years ago? And, secondly, if professional sports like Major League Baseball are supposed to be manly-man endeavors, why is there so much butt-slapping and bear-hugging in it? We should maybe think of that, the next time we hear any gay-bashing from, oh let’s say, pro football players.]

In both cases I await what happens next — will Chicago do it again or was it a fluke? And, even more puzzling, just what sort of horror nomination will we get next?

Maybe on Friday we’ll get some juicy indictments to keep this amazing Movie of Life interesting.




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