Movie Cliches

14 10 2005

Do you want to read something funny? Do you want to read something sad? Do you want to read something true?

The Movie Cliches List presents almost every movie cliche that you’ve ever commented on while you staggered around inebriated after a debauched video party.

Some examples:

  • Evil geniuses who devise bombs to destroy things/people always have them detonate after at least an hour, giving the hero ample time to defuse it.
  • When you are alone in the back seat of the car, make sure you sit in the middle.
  • Asteroids are discovered by astronomers peering directly through their telescopes in brightly lit observatories. Whatever they see will appear on computer monitors, however.
  • A cup of black coffee/splash of cold water in face is enough to render the most inebriated person stone cold sober in a split second
  • Movie passengers either don’t pay cabs at all, or have the exact change. Same is true in restaurants. Checks are always designed to be 15 percent under the bills the male costumer has in his hands first.

There’s more, but it would be unfair to give them all away. Click on the link to the left in my section cleverly labelled “Links” to see the whole list.




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