Go… uh… Trojans!

8 10 2005

I’ve been serving this year on the Executive Board of the Academic Senate, which is basically the group that serves as representatives for all of the faculty at USC. We meet every week and deal with all sorts of issues which, while they take two hours to go through, would generally bore you to absolute tears.

So I’ll skip that description.

It’s not all work though. As an Executive Board member, I keep on getting invited to USC events, which explains why I am up at 7:30 on a Saturday morning, getting ready to go to the USC/Arizona football game.

Now, I should probably explain that after the World Series is over, I pretty much retire from caring about sports in general. Hockey? What the hell is that? Basketball? Yeah, that’s the one with tall people, right? Football? Oddly shaped ball being tossed about by genetic mutants.

College football? See ya.

The joke is that at the USC Cinema school the only time we know when there’s a USC football game is when we find it impossible to park on campus.

Now, I’m not a complete ignoramus about the unfortunately named Trojans football team. It would be hard to stay that way since they have the most unbelievable record since Moses. But I’ve never been to a Trojans game. In fact, I’ve never been to a football game of any kind in my entire life.

Until today.

I’ll keep you posted. I’m told the seats are good (I am, after all, on the Executive Board). I’m hoping that it will be fun, and one of the Provosts has told me that she’ll give me explanations about the strategy. So I’ll learn as well.

I just hope that they win. It would totally suck if my first game jinxed them. And this is the USC 125th Anniversary game weekend!!




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