And How Was YOUR Weekend?

2 10 2005

Friday night — a moron in his Hummer decided to stop in the middle of the street so that his Trophy Wife could unload (or unload, it was immaterial to me) her important Montana Avenue shopping purchases. The fact that a line of cars quickly developed behind said Hummer was of absolutely no concern to either of them. The fact that I was in the line was of a lot of concern to me.

Saturday — An all day conference at school was made particularly wonderful by the fact that there was fifteen minute line of cars simply to get in the front gate at USC. At first I thought that there must be a USC home game happening, but when I saw that the parking was only seven bucks I realized that even I wasn’t that far out of the loop.

Saturday night — going to a friend’s house in Hollywood (it is actually really cool living right north of Hollywood Blvd.) I made the mistake of driving up Sunset Blvd. At 7pm. Everyone on the street had either just arrived from that morning’s park-in at USC, or had taken one-on-one instructions from Friday night’s Hummer driver. Sunset was ridiculous.

Sunday — What is with the Bally’s in West LA anyway? Do they purposely schedule every one else to come right as I pull up outside. It’s not like I don’t need the exercise, so why do they make it so easy to say “Man, there are way too many people lined up for that stationery bicycle so maybe I’ll just leave and go to the Baskin-Robbins down the street.

(I know that there isn’t really a Baskin-Robbins down the street, I’m being rhetorical here).

And then tonight’s CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM episode totally sucked wind. Like last week’s. (Has it jumped the shark already??).

And how was your weekend, folks?




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