Photos and History

25 09 2005

The Steven Shore exhibit of photographs at the Hammer Museum is truly extraordinary and you should get there before October 16 when it ends. It has some amazing photos of landscapes of desolation, and a sense of a biography of history which is, at times, truly compelling.

An interesting sidenote — there’s a 1975 photo taken at the corner of LaBrea and Berverly Blvd, a “not very easy to see” copy of which is at the left (click it to see the original).. here in Los Angeles. A gas station there advertises gas at 58 cents a gallon. A McDonald’s sign across the street appears to advertise a burger for 85 cents. Hmmm, I guess only ceertain types of chemicals go up in price, eh?



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26 09 2005

Just passing by your blog and though you’d like this website.

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