I Am Reviewed In Russian

5 09 2005

Came across a review of a film that I edited, MAD DOG TIME (starring Richard Dreyfuss, Jeff Goldblum and directed by Larry Bishop), in a Russian blog. Curious, I pasted the text into the Alta Vista translation engine and it gave me this.

Dreyfus in the role of Vicat, who left psikhlechebnitsy of the owner of the luxurious restaurant, which serves as cover for the organized criminality. All people of its environment, which consists of different coat and different-calibre mafiozi, awaited this moment in order to begin war for the authority. From entire this composition it is allotted To miki Of khollidey (Goldblyum). The action is developed around two sisters, to which experience the tender feelings of vetches and Mik. they thunder the shots, fall the bodies, riddled by bullets, but to receive this picture in earnest as gangster fighter or drama it does not stand. These are the stylized irony, almost theatrical production on the face of farce, in which the most reckless proves to be most sober-minded. Of lerri Bishop made the original cinema, entertaining and simultaneously which gives occasion to think over.

Hmmm, sounds like a good review to me.




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