These Poles Just Jumped RIGHT Out At Me!!

4 09 2005

Somehow, in the weeks before I left for Jordan in June, I must have temporarily lost either my mind or my sense of spatial relationships. One day I was pulling out of a rather tight parking space at the underground parking lot at my haircutters and one of those huge cement poles that hold up the ceiling just jumped right out and smashed into the right side of my car.

Four or five days later, I was backing out of a spot in a little mini-mall and one of those small painted poles that are put there to… well… to do… damned if I know why they’re there. Well, one of those poles jumped out and smashed into the left side of my car.

I’ve never had this happen before and it hasn’t happened since. Was it something in the air? Did the stars align badly? Have they been shrinking the width of parking spaces (I KNOW they’re doing that at USC!!)?

In any case, I’m thinking of checking out the prices for getting the various parts of my car repaired. I’ve got insurance that will cover some of it, but how do I explain it to the insurance guy: “Well, you see, these poles just jumped RIGHT out at me.”


“In the same week.”

“Do you want to put the straightjacket on now or later?”



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