Katrina In The Blog World

1 09 2005

The hurricane in Louisiana, Mississippi and other areas of the South is so unblievable that it takes me back all the way to… oh… this past December, when I was watching the tsunami coverage. Or, perhaps, to any given day on television while watching the devastation in the Middle East. We sure are living in upsetting times.

Amanda, at the blog VERY ZEN, writes today about what it was like in Hattiesburg and what it’s like now. Here is one measly quote:

Things are very post apocolyptic in Hattiesburg right now. It is so hot I can’t even describe it. There is no running water anywhere, no bottled water anywhere, no power, no gasoline, etc. People are starting to get a little nuts.

Go read it, and go contribute to the Red Cross or some other charity that will get the money to the area RIGHT AWAY.

Here, at USC, we’ve received word that Tulane University has asked other AAU universities to help out with their students, who won’t be able to go to classes for months. Some options are to accept a few of their students into our classes for this semester, or to open up some of our distance learning classes to them. I’ll keep you posted on this, but it’s good to be able to pitch in and help.




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