Jordan Post #6

1 08 2005

Amman Vegetable Market
Originally uploaded by Schnittman.

Unfortunately for me, all of my Jordan posts will now have to be done from here in the USofA. I got back on Friday night and have spent the last few days, alternately sleeping and trying to see people before I head off to Chicago this morning (Monday) for a conference.

The last week in Amman was completely hectic, with the students completing their films (some of which were quite wonderful, and all of which were impressive considering how much they learned in less than three weeks). Then there was the screening, the wrap party and the after party. At my age, going clubbing is not usually an option, but somehow I found myself in the middle of Nai, on my last night, pogo-ing around. Since my cab to the airport was at 5am, the idea was to keep me up until I had to leave.

It worked. I barely had time for a shower (there was NO WAY I was going to get on the plane drenched in sweat) after an evening of dancing and hubbly-bubbling, that included a party at the top of Amman, in the 200 year old Citadel.

Some pictures may follow, though I didn’t really take many worth saving.

In any case, I’m off to Chicago in 60 minutes, so I’ll talk to you from there.




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