London — An Update

7 07 2005
On the London 'Underground'

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve done an entry here (do I sound like a ten year-old girl’s diary?) and the only excuse that I’ve got is that I’ve been all over this city — from meetings out in Chiswick to walking through Central London while jets screamed overhead celebrating this country’s winning Olympics bid. That, and a slow Internet connection (it’s amazing what passes for high-speed in this hotel).

London Underground sign

In any case, I arrived safe and sound at Heathrow this past Saturday, hopped the Heathrow Express into downtown and walked into the lobby of the hotel to find Janet and Elizabeth waiting there. They weren’t waiting for me, they were waiting for the hotel room to open up. Our early check-in request had been lost in the ether (sending things by email can be wonderful — especially when they came claim they never got it). We checked into one of the tiniest rooms around, which is difficult with an 18 year old (she actually turned 18 on that very day).

However, by Sunday they had put us in a very nice sized suite and we feel very posh right about now.

At the British Museum

It’s been an eventful few days — I’ve seen a multitude of museums (the Tate Modern IS everything it’s supposed to be, and a bag of chips), ate in a multitude of very expensive restaurants (everything is expensive here) and spend a multitude of hours on email planning for this coming three weeks in Jordan.

Phew! That’s a multitude of multitudes.

I’ll be posting some more photos here, but you can also link to many of them at my Flickr site.




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