Counting down to London (and beyooooonnnndddd)

30 06 2005

The countdown begins. My excitement builds. I really love travelling and I haven’t been to London in years. (By the way, the photo to the left, like many of the photos in my blog, is not mine. I got it from the very funny site Spud’s Travels for which I, and my file sharing little ass, can now apologize profusely.)

There are some people who don’t do much travel outside of this country and, snob that I am, I just don’t get it. I consider it essential for anyone who really wants to understand the world and their place in it. The cliche of the Ugly American is all about people who consider themselves and their way of being to be the only real way. Now, honestly, in most cases I don’t think people do that to be self-centered or consciously close-minded. Nope, I think they do it because they just can’t imagine a world that’s different than theirs. They just can’t figure out how people can get along without air conditioners set at 62 degrees, or a choice of fifty different underarm deodorants.

You get the idea.

The cure for Ugly Americanism (no matter which country’s citizens practice it) is simply to keep the learning coming.

And that is why I’m really excited to be embarking on this great adventure.

To reiterate — one week in London, three weeks in Jordan, one week in Chicago, and a half a week or so in New York State. I’ll be a very exhausted and very happy camper when I come back (so long as I don’t really have to do any camping). I’ll also be much savvier about other cultures and other peoples. And that is what is even more exciting.

Is there anyone out there who is afraid of travelling or just plain and simple doesn’t like it?




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