Flying Off To Rio (or not)

29 06 2005

I just got my ticket for my England/Jordan trip (for which I promise to blog and upload photos as much as technology will allow — so be prepared to be bored). Now, I don’t want to sound prissy or anything, but they changed my ticket from a series of direct flights (from LAX to Heathrow, then direct to AMman, then direct back to LAX). Now I get to go through fucking Charles DeGaulle airport in Paris each and every time I get on the plane. So, it’s LAX to Paris and then to London. London to Paris and then Amman. Amman to Paris and then LAX.

Are you seeing the pattern here?

I don’t want to seem spoiled, since this could be the absolute best travel in my life that I haven’t paid for, but when I called to get back onto my direct flights I was politely informed by the woman at Air France that all of their flights between countries must fly though Paris, whether it makes sense or not.

That makes sense, doesn’t it.

So maybe I’ll blog a little while I sitting on my can for three hours at DeGaulle.

C’est la vie!! C’est la gurerre!!




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