29 06 2005

Tamara, over at the must-read blog T&A, has an entry today in which she talks about the odd way that people fight (which is really the same thing as saying that she has a blog entry about how she fights, but never mind that).

It seems to me that most fights are all about old shit and about how our parents used to fight or how we used to fight with our siblings. And they’re often not really about what it is that we’re fighting about, but what happened with that person in the past (earlier that day, last week, last year…) or what happened with someone else that day.

Anger seems to me to be really about fear, so fights are also about being afraid of something. A lot of people fight about money. Others fight about sex. Still other fight about their kids, or their parents. Many people fight about all three.

What happens to you when you really fight? Do you get out of control or is it a simmering, steaming anger that can be even scarier?




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