The War Comes Home

20 06 2005

Tamara, over at T&A, had a link to this post from Miss Doxie, which I had to pass along. Let me give you a warning first; despite it’s wonderfully loose start, it’s really a post about Iraq and the war there.

I remember during the Vietnam war, most of us who opposed it just couldn’t figure out why the rest of the country thought the war was such a damned good thing Well, it’s deja vu all over again.

You must go over and read this post. Then I defy you to tell me that this war is worth winning. The worst that could happen would be for us to ignore what’s going on. So long as people don’t talk about this, and so long as Bush is allowed to stop the press from showing pictures of coffins coming home, and so long as we seriously really really believe that it’s better to be there than not be there…

well… there will be plenty more families and friends who will have to reconcile their memories of life with the realities of death.

I wish we could skywrite this story over Washington DC and all of the we-love-Bush states. Because I’m still wondering just what the hell is so good about this war.

Plus ca change and all that.




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