3% of All Europeans/Africans (or whatever) Like This Blog

20 06 2005

Dipping into my site statistics (which you can do by clicking on the Site Meter block on the left) is amusing today. A good 80% of the readers of this blog come from this time zone (I’m assuming that that’s my computer). A little over 15% come from the East Coast, which is puzzling because I haven’t told my mother about this.

And about 3% come from the time zone that seems to include (if the report can be deciphered properly) central Europe or parts of Algeria, Nigeria and Togo. A huge outpouring of support from the African and European continents (maybe). Those of you from that area, please raise your hands.

[UPDATE!! UPDATE!! UPDATE!!] The fun thing about a dynamically driven site like Site Meter, is that it changes. As of 4:00pm on Tuesday the 21st of June, that Algerian visitor that I mentioned above has completely, totally, absolutely, plain-up-and-disappeared.




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