Pirated Copy of STAR WARS Rewrites Dialogue

17 06 2005

The often hilarious blog, DEFAMER, has an article in which they post the picture that appears on the left here, which is allegedly a photo off of a pirated (Chinese) copy of the latest STAR WARS film. You know the type — available on Canal Street or Santee Alley. Last year, when I was in NYC, I actually bought one (ETERMANAL SUNSHINE) to see what they were like. It was hilarious, shot with a videocam from about half way back in the theatre. The image came complete with people chatting around the cameraman, and a few people getting up and going to the bathroom, when they hadn’t a clue as to why anyone would want to watch the film. [That strikes me as a good first date question: If they didn’t understand and love the film, send them away. Same for MEMENTO.]

In any case, DEFAMER had the following comment about the translation provided on the pirated film. As they put it:

You’ve long suspected it, but now there’s proof: Chinese DVD pirates write much better dialogue than George Lucas.

This may not be that interesting to you. But it’s a hell of a lot more interesting, I suppose, than my last rant about Terry Schiavo (judging by the complete lack of comments).




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