Travel Plans

2 06 2005
Nope, not here
Nope, not here either

I don’t want to jinx it, but it looks like I may be doing some exciting teaching work in a faraway country in the month of July.

Actually, no matter what, I’ll be vacationing in London in the first week of July (the better to miss the Independence Day craziness, my dear), and then travelling on to the mysterious destination.

I’ve spent way too many years in this freelance business, and as a result, I get very superstitious about talking about gigs before I’ve officially landed them. So, I’m going to shut my mouth right about now. As soon as I get my airplane tickets I’ll consider it a done deal and will talk about it. But I’m officially excited about visiting a new culture and learning new things.

Stay tuned for more.




6 responses

3 06 2005

Hmmm…. New Zealand? Um…. Russia? How about…. Africa?

3 06 2005

Who knew Bangaledesh had such a vibrant film industry? Not me. Only thing is, over there, it’s the rule of fours. Who knew?

3 06 2005


Cold, slightly warmer, sorta warmer but you DO realize that Africa is a whole friggin continent, not just a country?

Why don’t your just say “The World!!” and then you’d be correct?

Bangladesh does have a vibrant film industry but… cold.

3 06 2005


Wait, Africa is a continent? Whaaaat?

3 06 2005

Uh… nope.

And…. nope.

Romania is interesting though. Do they have Coffee Beans there?

3 06 2005

isreal? It’s between Russia and Africa …

…and also frickin’ filled with angry people blowing stuff up all the time! Be careful! Stay away from markets and buses.

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