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2 06 2005

Pancake Mountain is a kids television show out of Washington D.C. which looks pretty cool. Check out their web page and look at the four year old kids playing drums with The Arcade Fire and the little guys pogo-ing with Shonen Knife.

Scroll down a little bit and watch Anti-Flag do a great performance without kids.

But the real winner has to be the kids shakin’ their booty to Weird War’s “Why Do Guys Like Girls Like That?” It’s bizarre watching four year olds shimmy around the dance floor. Who teaches them to do this stuff? And why? It makes the true archness of AMERICAN BANDSTAND seem like stone age entertainment. This shit is positively bizarre!!!

Where will these kids be in ten years?




One response

3 06 2005
Melissa in Vancouver

I too love Pancake Mountain althought have only seen on their website and on a piece on CBC television. Saw Arcade Fire singing Wake Up with kids jumping, drumming, shouting. A great antidote to this world we live in.

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