Another List of Top Films

30 05 2005

Lawrence Walker, who publishes the blog “A Better Nation” has posted his own list of his favorite films, commenting on the same Time Magazine top 100 list that I commented on last week.

This list is almost exclusively of Hollywood movies and includes films like FANTASIA, as well as SINGIN IN THE RAIN and THE GODFATHER(S).




One response

31 05 2005

Greetings Norman, and thanks for visiting my “Friday Night at the Movies” post. The Time critics said they intentionally made their list sort of quirky. My post includes two lists – one of strictly ‘consensus great American films’ (top 30+) and one of my more personal favorites/especially intriguing movies (25+). In my consensus list, I was trying to rule out quirky – to settle on about three-four dozen films almost every comprehensive list would include as American greats.

I welcome visitors and comments!

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