Coming Up This Weekend At The Aero

23 05 2005

This Friday starts the Marlon Brando festival at the American Cinematheque in Santa Monica (on Montana Ave., between 14th and Euclid Streets).

Friday at 7:30 — APOCALYPSE NOW: REDUX
Saturday at 7:30 — THE GODFATHER (that’s part one, for those of you waiting for a number)

The following Thursday and Friday are ON THE WATERFRONT and STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE, respectively.

Support great cinema!!




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25 05 2005

i was reading IMDB news this morning (okay, the gossipy celebrity part) when i was reminded of a great film from editing class, the immortal TOO YOUNG TO DIE or as Norm often put it, TOO YOUNG TO DIE?

The answer after three semesters is, “No, no not really.”

That poor chubby guy from LA LAW. He was really trying very hard with his bad accent and little bow tie. Still we all mercilessly cut that one line (You sure do look pretty in that dress…) to make him look like the creepy biycle shop owner from that very special episode of DIFFERENT STROKES (Dudley! Don’t take off your shirt!)

Other immortal lines from editing class:


– What are you? Circus cop?
– Yeah, yeah that’s me, flying James Martinez!


– He’s a flaming asshole!


– Zero bubble, mark your depth.


– Jessie, you can come out now.

And, of course, Remy from YOUNG INDIANA JONES (as he hit a Nazi with a stick):

– No, we do not!

Worst sidekick ever. We did have a lot of fun though. The semester i was in that class was one of the best groups of people and the most fun classroom experience I had at SC. Marc, Amelia, Sara G., Tracee, Dzuban, Ron, John Paul, Liz, Jeremy and Heather, looking back, it really was a talented group.

26 05 2005

Yeah, I had a bunch of fun as well. These lines are priceless. I’m actually going to do a post just of these lines!!

One of the great sadnesses of teaching, I’ve discovered, is that you all move on to do other things and I stay here. Now, I enjoy staying here, but it’s like a metaphor for the film business in general, but worse. At the end of every film, we all part ways and go on to build other families. The difference is that you folks never come back here (well that’s not completely true, but you know what I mean), whereas the struggle in freelance film work is to try and work with the same good people again and again.

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