Any Suggestions for London?

22 05 2005

It looks like the family is going to head off to London the first week in July.

Do any of you have suggestions on good theatre and/or music and/or art to see while we’re there. I know about the Tate and Tate Modern and that’s already on the schedule (and they’re FREEEEEEE!). But I’m looking for other cool things to do.



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23 05 2005

I don’t know anything about London but i have heard that there’s this place in Fance where —


23 05 2005

Oops. France.

24 05 2005

So, no recommendations for Engand?

25 05 2005

hello, we’ve never met in person, but that’s okay, we can still be blog friends.

but london:
the imperial war museum is interesting, even if you are not a history buff. it was est. halfway through the first world war, so they have lots of “daily life” kinds of things from wwii especially. and, you know, the nazi’s iron eagle from the top of the reichstag. and subs and planes. and a new exhibit on genocide.

the globe is pretty great and i speak as a shakespeare nerd, but still, go see something if you can.

find a good indian restaurant (not hard)

i kind of hate the brit. museum personally, but other people like it. it’s worth seeing stuff like the rosetta stone and the elgian marbles and the bayeaux tapestry and stuff, but a lot of their stuff isn’t too terribly well explained and contextualised. and a lot of it is stolen from other cultures and the brits refuse to give it back (e. marbles).

apparently you can go check out churchill’s underground war bunker now. that should be cool.

oxford and stonehenge and stuff are daytrips away.

sunday afternoon in hyde park must not be missed. speaker’s corner (
is political sounding board, freak show and feels the sparking point for revolution. i was there when the iraq war was just breaking out and there were mounted police all around. it’s illegal to incite racial hatred there but lots of people come really close. it’s a welcome break from regular english society in which no one looks at each other on the train. not for kids and keep your hand on your wallet, but strongly recommended.

but yeah, tate modern, don’t miss that.

and don’t get hit by a car.

25 05 2005

Robyn, thanks. Let’s be blog friends.

Any specific recommendations for restaurants? We’ve got one big birthday celebration for my daughter the first night there, and five more nights after that. We don’t want to spend big $$$$ (not even big $$$).

In terms of touristy stuff, we’ll definitely take you up on your recommendations. Thanks!!!

25 05 2005

well, i was travelling poor and also staying with a friend outside of central london, so we ate dinner in london with a sharp eye on the pocketbook.

wagamama is a chain of very mod japanese restaurants. very hip and fast service, you sit at long benches and the server punches your order into a computer when you order and they bring it out to you as soon as it’s up, so everyone’s food arrives at all different times. really yummy food, though, nothing like putting a bowl of hot and tasty noodles in front a person to get them to shut up. wagamama means selfish person. they’re all over.

belgo is this totally genius belgian restaurant that had a ‘beat the clock’ special on from 5pm to like 6:30 wherein the time you showed up would be the price that you paid for your (set menu, totally freaking delicious meal) so, show up at 5:10, pay 5 pounds 10 for the meal. and the food was incredible, so rich, sooo good. with chocolate schnapps for dessert. belgo is near convent garden. and there’s a wagamama near there too.

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