George Lucas Is (Still) A Very Rich Man

20 05 2005

So, I just noticed that the new STAR WARS has made over $50 million in the first day!! (Lucas’ personal thank you note is winging its way to Tamara and Allie right now).

At seven bucks a ticket (that’s the national average, and makes those of us who live in NYC or LA incredibly envious and angry all at the same time) that ‘s over 7.1 million people. The city of New York isn’t much more than that. Just think, nearly every man, woman and child in New York (and maybe some of the roaches that live there as well)!

Who’s going to see it this weekend then?




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21 05 2005

That is a lot of money. And I really wish i hadn’t thrown in my ten bucks, too, Norm.

To my way of thinking, I thought it was almost a complete failure of narrative, character, mythology and spectacle. And despite all that, I still felt horrible for Anakin when he is brought to ruin. The underlying power of the story is that strong. But along side that feeling was also one of deep disappointment. There was such an opportunity here to tell a great story and Lucas misses the mark by such a wide margin that I couldn’t help but cringe… and feel sad.

21 05 2005

On a different note, after the Emperor gets all scarred up I came to a terrible realization: he’s a dead ringer for my old boss, Zalman King. It’s in the eyes. And the teeth. And the cackle.

I’m not joking. Put a hood on that man and you are looking at Emperor Palpatine. Although if Zalman were a Sith lord his powers would be limited to a severe but harmless foot fetish. At best, he couldn’t kill Jedi. He’d just make them feel very queasy.

21 05 2005

So, is the Emperor actually a soft porn Jedi wannabe?

And if Zalman King were a Sith lord would he have to stop making movies or would that be part of his nefarious powers?

21 05 2005

Saw it last night. Horrible, horrible, horrible.

As for how much money this one is making, It hink we might be talking about the most heavily marketted movie of all time. For the last two weeks, the first ad of EVERY AD BREAK in EVERY SIMPSONS (3 a day?) I’ve Tivo’d has been an ad for this movie. That’s got to be unprecedented.

Cory, I don’t know if should be jealous or disgusted that you used to work for Zalman King (mmm… Red Shoe Diary Chicks… mmm… Carre Otis).

21 05 2005

Ron, I would ere on the side of disgusted.

But I didn’t work on porn! This is very important to understand. I worked on “Forty Duece” which aired on Bravo. Not porn, not porn, not porn! Salacious, contrived and fake, sure, but not porn!

21 05 2005

I think that should have been “error on the side of.” Still the salient point remains: not porn!

And Norm, nothing will stop Zalman from making movies. Or from making people queasy. Nothing!

If you only knew…

21 05 2005

So… what is the point of working for Zalman King if you don’t do porn??

Actually, for the longest time I would tell people that the only two types of film that I HADN’T worked on were commercials and porn — for the same reason.

Then I started doing commercials.

I still haven’t done porn and now I think I’m too old to do it. Porn to me is National Geographic magazine, or the Fashion Magazine in the New York Times twice a year.

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